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Conte Collectibles - Pewter

We are committed to providing you with the figures that you have always wanted.  Our ranges of 54mm metal figures have been created by some of the world's finest sculptors with attention to detail and historical accuracy rarely seen in the world of toy soldier collecting. The painting of each figure, done by hand, with degrees of shading, highlighting and details down to their fingernails takes them a few steps from their proud origins as toy soldiers. 

We hope we can adequately pay tribute to the great periods, events, and personages that have not only shaped our lives, but stirred our imagination and fostered our love of history.  We'd also like to recognise and commemorate the great films and stars who have entertained us, role modelled for us, and, through their efforts "up there" on the  Silver Screen, made history and adventure seem so real and accessible to the child and history lover in all of us.

As a collector from childhood, my dream was to make the soldiers I had always wanted as a child.  That dream is now coming true with the help of sculptors who are also collectors.  We understand what it means to feel that quickening of the pulse upon the discovery of a long lost set at an auction or garage sale, or the equivalent in receiving a brand new set of exquisite figures that one has always dreamt about.  

We hope you'll agree that we just might have created highly collectible, military miniature works of art with the price and feel of a toy soldier.

Thank you for your interest in our figures.  Conte Collectibles, Ltd. is your collectors company. 

                                            Yours Truly,


                                            Richard Conte


P.S.    You are about to enter and open up a wonderful new world of toy soldier collecting! Quite simply, we want to make great miniatures/toy soldiers and have lots of fun doing it!  HAIL RAGNAR!